Information coming from Internet marketing landing pages to CRM is not directly created as leads but as intermediate records. CRM does not allow converting these records as leads automatically. One has to manually convert intermediate records as leads through UI. It is difficult for users to adopt this feature because they have to monitor CRM constantly to convert records. It is extremely difficult in scenarios when there is a big flow of incoming leads coming to CRM or even if time is crucial to respond to customers since there is always delays to convert records manually. If these intermediate records are stored in CRM as part of entity model, customers can leverage CRM workflows and SDK to convert records according to their best suited criteria.    Competitors like Salesforce offer strong internet marketing feature with good flexibility.

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You could leverage one of the many third party applications which provides this kind of integrated lead capture right into CRM. That way, customers that want this kind of functionality can pay for it and those that don't need or want it don't have to pay a higher or modular price for their CRM licences.

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