The SetLoadFields method will return some other fields from the table, not just the ones we implicitly asked for. If it turns out that some of those fields are from table extension, that will cause a JOIN in the SQL statement.
Because of that, we lose most of the performance benefits of SetLoadFields() which was supposed to give us in the first place.
Things go even further, so if, for example, you have BLOB fields that are obsoleted, the SetlLoadFields method will include those fields in the query, even if they have ObsoleteState set to Removed. That means that in such a scenario you lose the main benefit of retrieving partial records.
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In some situations, e.g. in pages a number of fields are needed to display the page data correctly. These fields will be added even after a call to SetLoadFields.

However, there were too many fields in that list, so the algorithm for which fields to add has been updated in the last couple of releases, with e.g. Obsolete fields being removed, and no calculation of DATALENGTH