I have had several customers very interested recently in using the Hybrid App for iOS and Android mobile/tablet devices in store. Great work has been completed by the team over recent months to improve the screens for mobile use and Holly has delivered amazing improvements (re-write!) to inventory management via POS.

The main gap identified in all these opportunities is bar code scanning. Currently the only options are to either buy a device with a built-in bar code scanner, or attach one (in keyboard wedge mode) which means the operator has to have a lanyard or something (which is annoying and has potential to break / get lost etc.).

Ideally we would be able to use the built in camera for scanning. To my knowledge this is currently not possible either as standard nor via customisation, (I am discussing further with MM).
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Scandit has an enterprise browser that can be used for this purpose - to be used with CPOS-, and also a keyboard for Android devices that can use the camera as the scanner. Another company TECIT also provides the keyboard functionality that allows the use of cameras as scanning devices when you change the input keyboard on your handheld device (IOS or Android). Just looking at Microsoft's Office lens technology, scanning with the camera is something that could be built-into the Hybrid app, not just for CPOS but also for the mobile warehouse app.

Category: General