As companies grow geographically and into diverse verticals, customers often have multiple sites with decentralized procurement organizations. In such cases, the entire procure to payables cycles are monitored and processed by site/location.

e.g. Customer has a Corporate Address in one state and factories in 3 different states. The Customer expects that materials shipped to one of it's factory should be billed to the respective factory and a separate statement of account be provided for such invoicing.

Business Central supports the shipping of goods or services to its respective factory but does not allow / maintain invoicing and receipt details at that level. As a result statement of account is always available at the Customer level and not at the site/ location level of the customer.

In the Shipping and Billing Tab on Sales Invoice, BC should provide option to user to select customer's alternate address instead of default address. Also the Customer Statement and Ageing reports should be modified to be generated at Customer level or at Billing Address level.

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Thank you for your suggestion.

Re. the Invoice's Shipping & Billing tab - it does offer the option to select the alternate shipping address (or did you mean something else?)




Similar to Shipping, user needs to have option to select alternate billing address. This is because in decentralized procurement departments of customers require account statement for their respective billing location.

Currently Customer Account Statement is available only Consolidated Customer level.

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