This is a rather serious flaw that needs to be addressed. We know that you can create and process a production order all the way without having a BOM. So you can make something out of nothing. Not sure whether I would allow that if it were my ERP system but we have accepted that for years. Now we have a new situation with the handheld app for advanced warehousing. the issue is the RAF transaction. The following scenario is possible. My flushing principle is "available on location" (the only sensible choice when you use advanced warehousing. It makes sure you only flush what you have picked. "start" or "finish" do not care about what you have picked) 1.After creating picking work for the prod order, for some reason forget to complete it. 2. Start the prod order. do your labor etc. 3.Do an RAF transaction on the handheld . The handheld RAF is different logic then the other ship RAF, which you will soon find out. It is hard coded to "finish" flushing. I don't have any finish flushing . But the mothership RAF would warn me that I "have not released all materials". The handheld does not. It lets me quietly RAF and even END my prod order. Result: I have created something out of nothing but now with a Prod BOM in place. Accounting is not happy. This loophole should be closed. We need the same check on "any remaining quantity in the prod bom "? as we have in the mothership RAF. That can't be hard. Right now this is a big risk.

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Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.



Johan Hoffmann

PM, Microsoft