When you open Schedule Board of Field Service, you will see two types of default view depends on how to reach Schedule Board.
There is no feature to set default view.

1. Open [Work Order] -> Click [BOOK]

Horizontal View
Schedule Assistant View <-default
Vertical View

2. Open [Field Service] -> Click [schedule Assistant]

Horizontal View <-default
Vertical View

It would be nice to have an option to set default view of Schedule Board.

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback.

The Schedule Board (Field Service -> Schedule Board) and Schedule Assistant  (Work Order -> Book) behave differently based on the scenario you are trying to accomplish. The view on the Schedule Board is remembered and is presented with the same view when accessed the next time. however, when using Schedule Assistant, the duration/Search Start/Search End fields on the Requirement/Work Order determines the View (Hours/Days/Weeks/Months). 

I hope that answers your question.   



PM, Microsoft.