If you use Generate PO option on a Service Call, the parts get linked to PO. If the user decides that they will NOT wait for that item or find the item elsewhere, they cannot remove the item from the Service Call due to the linking in the SVC00203 and POP10110 table. IT is required to run a series of scripts to remove the linking so the item can be removed from the Service Call. Please add functionality so the user can remove the linking and the part can be removed from the Service Call. SQL Code being used to release Item: UPDATE SVC00203 SET SRVSTAT = '10I', TRNSFLOC = '', TRNSFQTY = '0.00000', PONMBRSTR = '', POLNSEQ = '0.00000' where dex_row_id = '10009668' UPDATE POP10110 SET REQSTDBY = '', LINEORIGIN = '0' WHERE DEX_ROW_ID = '98055'

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Thank you for your feedback, we will consider this functionality during planning going forward.


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