At the moment, the automated email is advising the project owners and stakeholders about the fact that the proactive quality update installation has completed on an environment. Then it is their (project owners and stakeholders) duty to find out what exactly has been installed; and it can only be done presently via exporting out the list of applicable hotfixes for the current platform from an unaffected environment and from the updated environment, and compare the lists using Excel.

It is not impossible to do, but super annoying, as we didn't ask for any update, it is being pushed down on our throat, we have a week to validate in the SAT environment before it goes to Production; but we don't even know what has been applied. Opening a support ticket would just tell you that there's no automated way at the moment and you'd have to do the manual way. Surely, if putting together a framework to handle all the automated proactive quality update installation was possible, then adding some extra work to the end to provide the customers at least some _basic_ information on what hotfixes have been deployed is also going to be possible.