We *MUST* have the ability to set up webinar providers besides On24. The documentation (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/customer-engagement/marketing/events-settings#webinar-providers) and the software itself clearly show the ability to add others regardless of the "note" placed in the docs. When we evaluated D365 for Marketing for adoption, this limitation was not present. Now that we've committed to it, we have no option for working with our current webinar provider. We will not and cannot switch provider.

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Hi Patrick,

We need some more details to understand your suggestion better. Some points below:

1. ON24 has been the only OOB webinar provider since the launch of the product, in April. We have not added any new limitation. The "note" in the docs clearly calls this out. 

2. As mentioned here, partners/customers can extend the webinar system by building an interface between our extensible webinar system and the APIs of the webinar provider. What you see in the product is the possibility of adding new providers - that is simply to enable any partner who wishes to build such an integration.

3. Could you share the webinar providers you/your clients are looking to integrate with? My team can assist with the next steps.



Shravan Suri

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Patrick, thank you for this great idea - i just voted for it :-)
I didn't want to "compete" with your idea, but i created a new idea for adding Teams Live events as several here already commented.


I though that adding Teams as default provider would make sense, and then of course if we have your idea of multiple other providers on top of that - this would be great.

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MS Teams as a webinar provider would be very helpful!

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MS Teams has live events, why not use MS product, I contacted ON24 they are so expensive, it is only for large org that can afford it. Webinars should be available to all, and using MS Teams should be the one out of the box

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I really would like to see Microsoft's own Teams Live Events be able to be used for this. It is what we use now and have used since available (Skype Broadcast Meeting before that). We have to setup OnSite events for webinars, which don't really fit and then email the Teams Live Event link to registrants. 


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The partner/customer extension capability is still in preview, so even with additional coding for APIs, we risk losing the feature. The docs clearly state, "Microsoft doesn't provide support for this preview feature...Preview features aren't meant for production use." Another limitation stated in the docs that "[t]he webinar provider must create a service that implements the Webinar Extension API so that it can be used as webinar provider in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement" means that we have to work as individuals with webinar providers towards having this service developed and provided.

Hence, my suggestion here on the Ideas site.

Regarding other webinar provider integrations, your team could start with a few other leading providers:

  • GoToWebinar

  • Webex

  • Adobe Connect

  • Livestorm

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This post will come in two parts. The form is miscounting my submission character length.


Thanks for your response here and in the support ticket I had open. The docs for this feature go back to March 2018. They were not current regarding the On24 limitation at the time we decided to commit to D365 for Marketing. This link (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/customer-engagement/marketing/set-up-webinar) still lacks the "note" limiting OOB provider support.

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