1. For some scenarios, such as sickness plans - it would be beneficial, if there is no need to define grant amount or accruals to specify the allowance worker can use. Worker should be able to submit the absence request even if there is 0 grant amount so it is not perceived as an allowance not taken/used. 2. Also, in UK/Europe - annual leave allowance is given up-front and is pro-rated based on worker's start date. It would be beneficial if parameter existed to set grant amount as pro-rated. Full accrual is then added to the worker's allowance next year. 3. When leave allowance is adjusted by HR via Worker's record - there should be a reason code and ability to view the history of these adjustments.

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your suggestion. This request has been completed and released in 2020 release wave 1. For more information, visit the release plan here: 2020 release wave 1 plan  

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