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It's very frustrating that if we want to send an email to clients from different industries or markets and want to apply dynamic content to personalise the client experience based on their requirements that we have to insert blocks of html code before and after the blocks we want to be dynamic.

Every other system i've used has a button or widget of sorts that lets you simply select the attribute or field that you would like that content to be displayed for. We are marketers, not coders. Basic html is one thing but inserting and manipulating code from scratch is impractical and greatly increases the risk of human error and content not displaying correctly.

This process is way too inefficient. Please make it easier to use dynamic content.
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"Conditional content" w/o needing HTML coding that allows multiple OR conditions is released as of Sep'2022 release. In a future release we will support more operators.

Please continue to proviude feedback so we can improve the feature further.

How to use conditional content (Dynamics 365 Marketing) | Microsoft Learn


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I agree completely that this should be built for marketers — not coders! We use dynamic content and a built in menu where you select rules, rather than HTML code, would be so helpful and much more intuitive.

Category: Personalization