At this moment customers have three environment available after purchasing min. 20 (or more) licences in Implementation project on LCS. Great, but this is not enought for standard funcionality. And here is why. It is recommended by MS and also when you communicate with FastTrack team, that T1 environment should be configured as BUILD. On other hand it is recommended and even needed to have DEBUG machine Microsoft Managed to get access to SANDBOX refreshed database from PRODUCTION. So this mean that this is standard. Why would customer pay for T1 addon for basic functions of the D365FO as I think debugging is? I suggest that customer should have two T1 environments available by purchasing D365FO. One for BUILD, one as DEBUG environment. You need build, but it is not recommendet to debug on it. You need debug, but it must be Microsoft managed machine, so no cloud-hosted in customer subscriptions. I suggest to MS to consider to give another T1 as default when purchasing D365FO.

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for reaching out. Your suggestion seems to be a duplicate of the following suggestion: ID0003665

 Manali Dongre