Recent updates and solutions have introduced several email notifications that are not sent using the standard Dynamics 365 email engine. Some examples:

  • Notification that users receive when their mailboxes are configured for synchronization.

  • Meeting notifications that meeting attendees receive when added to a tracked meeting.

  • Notification that users receive when they are added to a game in Gamification.

This introduces non-standard email functionality, creates messages that are not visible from activity history, surprises users, prevents administrators from configuring the message text or controlling if and when the messages are sent, and in some scenarios may violate corporate messaging policies.

My suggestion is that all notifications created by a standard Microsoft feature or solution should meet the following standards:

  1. Message sent via standard Exchange/email functionality.

  2. Messages sent stored as activities

  3. Messages use standard configurable templates to allow modification of the message text.

  4. Allow administrators to disable the notification for unwanted messaging.

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. We are declining/closing this idea as it has been open for more than 2 years and has not received sufficient numbers of votes. If the idea is still valid, request you to re-submit the idea.