***9.1- CK Editor VERSION missing features to optimize user experience*** Context reminder: lot of communications done with customers/external partners/internal partners is done via Mail to keep trace of service request for traceability/auditability/compliance…therefore Mail communication in a case context is FOUNDATIONAL. MSFT TARGET should be the MSOffice Word/Outlook rich text editor features >>Main features missing for 9.1: -Ability to copy/paste an Excel table directly (simple Ctl+C/Ctl+V) and keep formatting -Ability to copy a Word or other MSOffice source (Outlook) formatted text (containing -images, table, bullets, links…) directly (simple Ctl+C/Ctl+V) and keep formatting -Ability to copy an image directly and enable resizing -Also Enable internal images/stop current encoding and take image as an image file -Enable hyperlink to open browser session, public or internal HP sites -Ability to choose/configure mail default font at system/user level -Implement language spelling check -Enable HP Fonts -Enable resizing of tables and images by dragging on the borders/corners instead of having to go through menus -Ability to drag & drop/copy-paste files to attach within email sending -Implement language Spelling check

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We updated and modernized our email editor experience in the April 2020 Wave 1 release. And in our October 2020 Wave 2 release we are completing this transormation with updates to the email template and signature builder experiences.

More information on these email experience can be found at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/customer-service/customer-service-hub-user-guide-email-overview


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As Michael mentioned , it is necessary for Dynamics Users

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At least spell checking is a mandate for emails

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