When a formula item is substituted for another - the system grabs quantities based on available on-hand inventory.

Ex - ItemA - 150, ItemB (sub) - 50

When backflushing the components, both are posted each time in the same proportion as they were on ProdBOM.

Ex - ItemA - 15, ItemB (sub) - 5

Some customers would prefer to consume ItemA first, then ItemB.

This would be a change in design and this idea is posted for tracking purposes to see how many others would like to see this design change.

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Johan Hoffmann

PM, Microsoft



IT raises the point that substituion is needed for discrete as well as for process. In discrete tis easier to mange this manually.
Backflush would not generally be needed for a batch where all items are issued up front to start the process.

Category: Production Control


I would prefer the system to use the correct item until exhausted then consume the substitute- unless I tell it otherwise (e.g I need to use the substitute due to shelf life ) that is the most logical approach for QA and cost reason, and to allow max time for expediting the balance required for A

Meanwhile there may other jobs that will arise for which B is more important.

However that is more of a discrete manufacturing thought process.

In formulas you tend to make a bulk batch e.g of ton in one go not a kg at time and in that case you would need to add enough materials for the entire batch and then the proportional backflush is the only way that makes sense.

However there many processes where an ingredient may be added continuously not all at once, and for such cases this option is required..


Category: Production Control