When entering a budget in D365 BC directly, you can enter multiple amounts for a given GL Account / Period combination (i.e. breakdown by dimension). But when exporting to Excel, it only allows for entering 1 amount per GL/Period with no breakdown. Please provide a way to enter the dimensions that breakdown that 1 amount per GL/Period.
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Thanks for the suggestion. We'll consider this functionality in a future release of Business Central.



Jared Hall



This function is already there, but not necessarily intuitive. You must select the dimensions you want included in "Column Dimensions" when completing the "Export Budget to Excel" option grid. Then, if you have 1 account that requires a budget for several dimension values, you must manually insert additional rows (1 for each additional dimension value) and enter the budget amount and dimension on each line. It continues to work as it always has in Wave 2 of 2019 release. As I mentioned, if you know these tricks, it works, but it may not be obvious to those new to NAV.

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