When you void a check for an hours-used transaction, the Employee Yearly Accruals HR window is incorrectly updated. When the check is voided, the hours are added back to the employee’s hours available balance as they should be, but the hours are also incorrectly added to the Employee Yearly Accruals window again in error. So now the amount tracked against the maximum yearly accrual hours is incorrect and overstating the accrual for the year. Also when you do an HR adjustment or beginning balance those are ADDED to the yearly accrual window and typically you do not want them to be, example you first go live with HR. It would be nice to have an option to not add to this window/maximum. Workaround is to manually go edit the window for the maximum.

Needs Votes
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider it in a future release. 

Jodi Christiansen
PM, Microsoft