• Customer is expecting a form where the list of Purchase Order lines will be listed meeting the conditions
  • The form will be filled in with the lines and the last column will contain the check box which the user would tick
  • At the end, the user would click on the “Delete” button and the system would delete the lines (button given on the bottom) after confirmation from the user.
  • The deleted lines cannot be reversed again
  • Note:
  • Here the “Change Management” is activated.
  • The AXTENSION ISV change management is also activated (for Purchase invoicing).
  • The customer does not want to do it one by one and they wanted the system to do in a bulk

Areas to be covered:

  1. Approved PO and not confirmed
  2. Purchase Orders in Draft Stage
  3. Purchase Orders in Approval Process
  4. Confirmed Purchase Orders with Pending Receipt Quantity
  5. Purchase Orders quantity Received but not invoiced (Quantity not Invoiced)
  6. Purchase Orders Received and Pending to be Invoiced

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