We have developers and analysts who have local VMs as well as tier 1 cloud environments we would like to regularly refresh with Production data. The current process is lengthy and cumbersome, and makes it impossible to be pro-active when trying to investigate urgent issues in Production. 1) request restore of Prod data to our Gold environment - ~ 2 hours 2) Use LCS export option to export a copy of Gold database to LCS asset library - ~4 hours 3) download exported bacpac file from LCS asset library - can take 30 minutes + 4) Import bacpac file - ~6 hours, compared to importing a bak file which takes about 5 minutes. We would like to see a single step self service option in LCS to allow us to export a copy of tier 2 environment data into LCS asset library in BAK format. It would also be good to see some consistent performance from LCS for bacpac exports, 4+ hours to export a bacpac is not good.

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback.

We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to the following reason: Azure SQL platform only supports exporting a database schema and data in the .bacpac format.  Traditional .BAK format is not available.  To quickly troubleshoot data from PROD, you can use the documentation here: