Not having this functionality will have a direct negative impact on multiple Microsoft customers using the Field Service solution when trying to migrate over to the new Field Service mobile app.

When working with the Resco Mobile app, we were able to extend the mobile experience with custom CSS which was fully operational in both the Online and Offline modes of the mobile app. When trying to move to the new Field Service mobile app, the custom CSS is applied as expected in the online mode of the app but fails to work in offline. Not supporting web resources in the Offline mode is a known limitation (as described in https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/mobile-app/mobile-offline-capabilities#limitations) of the D365 for Phones for the IOS platform but it also seems to be the case for the new Field Service mobile (When tested on Android). Can Microsoft address this and enable the use of web resources for both online and offline on the ISO and Android platforms?
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Webresources have limited support for Mobile Offline in Model Driven Applications as document here:
Mobile offline capabilities and limitations - Power Apps | Microsoft Learn

There are no near-term enhancements planned for this area. Please leverage Power Apps Component Framework as recommended option: 
Power Apps component framework overview in Microsoft Dataverse(contains video) - Power Apps | Microsoft Learn



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The new mobile app offline is terrible. You have convert the business rules and workflows into J-script. There isn't any automation.

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