There are currently two different User Experiences for consuming information about a particular update in LCS, depending on where you start your investigation. If on the Environment Details page, you click one of the Update Tiles, and you are presented with the list of updates. You can select an update on the left and view the details on the right. What you CAN'T do (but you CAN do if you go to LCS > Issue Search and search on the update KB #, is view the actual changes that are implemented in the Update). When viewing the Update's summary in Issue Search, you are first able to see the Release Date of the update (information completely missing from the Environment Details > Updates view). You are then able to view specific code changes by drilling in to any of the affected objects and see color coding of added changes (in green) or removed items (in red). For X++ hotfixes, this is extremely useful information.

This is a request to unify the Update Information presentation across these two entry paths so that one does not have to jump from one place to the other. The usual path is to start from Environment Details page, because that is visibly showing what updates are not yet applied to my environment and can get all the information I need prior to downloading it.

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback.

We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to the following reason: Starting April 2019, we are on the ONE version for updates train. This means that starting with version 10.0.0 there are no granular X++ hotfixes but application and platform is delivered as a single cumulative update. Hence adding the details of what  was fixed to the update tiles flow does not apply any more. Having said that, we do plan on adding what release the individual KB was released in. You should see the new experience light up in July 2019 release of LCS.