Distributed Order Management - Wholesale (non-direct to customer) Related Requirement (1) Factor “Requested delivery date” & ATP & Customer Priority in DOM processing​ (2) Expand to non-Retail orders (3) B2B capabilities (4) DC Fulfillment

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This idea combines multiple features into one. 
(1) Factor “Requested delivery date”& ATP - Inventory operations can be performance blockers due to design of inventory transactions/summary in Finance and Operations. Hence Distributed Order Management uses a view built to look up inventory specifically to achieve this performance. In order to look up ATP quantity, we will need to find another high performing data source to read this data and also be able to mark Purchase Orders. There isn't one available today in the system that supports this capability. 
2)  Customer Priority in DOM processing​  - This can be achieved today with having multiple DOM Profiles and using Sales order origin to populate the customer priority and running DOM tasks for these profiles in an order that you want for optimization. 
(2) Expand to non-Retail orders - DOM in Commerce/F&O is targetted towards Commerce customers and is not currently planned to be expanded to non-Retail orders. 
(3) B2B capabilities - Supported today 
(4) DC Fulfillment - Supported today