Sometimes a company doesn't have any customer or vendor data/transactions. Only general ledger transactions have been posted in this entity.

While running the Audit file (NL) an error will be thrown: Financial period X does not contain an openings balance.

The root cause of this error is because of the validation of the audit file functionality: both temporary tables ledgerAuditFileOpeningBalanceSubLedgerLinesTmp and ledgerAuditFileTransactionSubLedgerTmp are empty. These tables are populated in the methods fillOBCustSup() and fillTransSubLedger() correspondingly of the LedgerAuditFileDataTransformation class. These methods analyze customer and vendor transactions.

The report is failing on the data validation stage due to missing customer and vendor transactions in the legal entity.

Desired situaton: if the legal entity does not contain customer/vendor transactions the Audit file (NL) should be generated successfully.
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Elizaveta Golub

PM, Microsoft