I created a purchase order with a unit this is different from the inventory unit of the product


Item : inventory unit = Metric Ton

Purchase order : purchase unit = Cubic meter


The conversion exists therefore, the system accepts to create the line in the purchase order with this unit.

Conversion : 1MT = 2 cubic meter


I placed the purchase order on a voyage. On the voyage, I estimate a landed costs of 10 EUR / PCS (category = PCS).


As my purchase order line have a quantity of 10 cubic meter, I am thus expecting an estimated cost of 10 cubic meter *10 EUR = 100 EUR in cost inquiry.


However, the system calculates the costs based on the inventory unit of the product, i.e. MT and thus the cost inquiry gives me a cost of 5 MT * 10 EUR= 50 EUR thanks to the conversion.


We would like to change the behavior so that the system can take into account the purchase unit rather than the inventory unit only.