We need a framework that allows ISVs and VARs to monetize apps on AppSource without having to create our own solutions.

Ideally, it would be integrated into partner center so that we can manage our customers through that.

Licensing models to support
- recurring subscription
- permanent/perpetual
- volume based
- user based vs tenant based pricing
- abilities to restrict to record count of a table (e.g. only allowed for x customers or vendor records)
- different plans with different function sets in the app

We need an easy framework to check the license status/plan/volume left on the period.
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Thank you for this suggestion! We do consider introducing monetization capabilities for the AppSource apps with one of our future releases.
We are tracking this idea, therefore please continue voting for it if you think that this capability should be prioritized soon.  

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Hi Peter,

my company is part of the german akquinet group. So, our chairman of the board, Till Vieregge, is also chairman of the global IAMCP group. I know that is one point at the topic list, where they are still in contact with Microsoft. It would be helpful if there will be a solution on longterm also for Microsoft, how we can manage these things.

An idea could be a monetization base app of Microsoft, where all partners with released apps of the store will be listed.

So, an user can select it from a list page and assoicate it with his own partner and can accept conditions for installations.

Like it is in many other appstores. So, then every partner can plug in a part of ALcode or a property, that his own app is ready to be listed at this base app of Microsoft.

best regards

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Interesting, when do Microsoft plan to deliver this new functionality ?


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Hello Peter,
In my company we build a Subscription Management framework extension which we are about to publish to AppSource in a next few weeks. It covers most of listed requirements. Please email me (volodymyr.leonov@theta.co.nz) and we will setup a demo for you.

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