Extend the telemetry feature for getting system information in cloud environments as they are not debuggable.

We want to give our customers the same level of support as we do in our on prem business. Especially because a big part of new cloud-customers will be migrating from an existing OnPrem environment and thus will be able to directly compare quality of software and services.

As we cannot debug a production environment directly, we have to have another way to get information about what it is happening in the environment.

Please give us information about errors within the telemetry so that we can react faster and more adequat to user problems.
Category: Development
2022 Release Wave 1
Ideas Administrator

hank you for your valuable feedback. We have decided to deliver this idea and make it available with Business Central 2022 release wave 1. 

Feature details
If an error message is shown to the user, the Business Central server will log calls to the ERROR method to partner telemetry.
Using telemetry, partners can get insights into which AL code paths trigger error situations for users.
Partners or tenant administrators can also set up alerts in Azure Monitor to get notified if many users experience errors.

Learn more about what's new and planned for telemetry in the release plan here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365-release-plan/2022wave1/smb/dynamics365-business-central/telemetry-error-dialogs-are-logged-telemetry


Your help was greatly appreciated, 

Kennie Nybo Pontoppidan

PM, Microsoft