For a retailer there will always be some cash deviations, and for a retailer it is important to document the reason why there is a cash deviation in the tender declarations. This is often user errors or misunderstandings. The ability to document the reasons behind the issues are important, and the ability to attach documents/notes/pictures to the deviations are essential. On unposted statements it is possible to attach documents, but this is not transfered to the posted statements. Also it is not possible to attach documents to shifts or posted statements. For audit purposes it is a requirement to document theese deviations.

Repro steps:
1. Create a retail statement, and attach a note/document to the statement header
2. Post the statement, and then check if the document is related to the posted statement.
3. Try adding a document/note to a shift
4. Try adding a document/note to a posted retail statement.
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the product suggestion! This idea is aligned with the product vision and we will love to provide this capability out of the box. However, we do not have a planned release timeline as of now and hence marking it as Declined (please read this as Postponed).