During the procurement process it is quite common to acquire the requested goods from different vendors - either external or intercompany.  In these situations, it would be very useful to be able to take a single approved purchase requisition line and create purchase orders for multiple vendors to fulfill the requirement.

For example, a quantity of 100 items is requested in rush fashion using a purchase requisition.  During sourcing, the Buyer determines that a single vendor cannot supply all 100 items in a timely fashion.  Accordingly, they will source the goods from multiple vendors.

Currently, the only options to handle this using standard D365 functionality are:

  1. Create a PO for one vendor from the approved requisition line; adjust the line amount; and manually create additional POs for the other vendors and quantities.

    • This makes it very difficult to trace the items from the purchase requisition to the PO for follow-up and audit purposes.

  2. Cancel the approved requisition line and ask the requester to create a new requisition with multiple lines representing the number of vendors that POs will be created for.

    • This is extremely inefficient and very frustrating for the requester as they have already followed the process to request the items and should not have to create another requisition simply to address the fact that the items need to be procured from multiple sources.

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Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.



Mai Kirknel

PM, Microsoft 



This is the core business requirement, Assigning PR quantity to multiple vendors. It must be considered, Buyer can assign PR quantities to the received & accepted Vendor Quotations.

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