Hi D365 Retail & Commerce experts,

Could someone perhaps shed some light on the following customer requirement?

For one of our retail customers we are using auto charges on line level for adding recycle costs per quantity sold of certain items. This works just fine, also when creating customer orders online, or via CPOS.

These auto charges on line level are currently setup for the combination of customer charge group and specific items, but this has some limitations.

We would like to be able to setup auto charges on line level for the following combination:
-Customer charge group
-Specific items
-Mode of delivery/Mode of delivery charge group.

This is not supported on line level out of the box, when creating auto charges for a specific item mode of delivery code is set to All automatically. While on line level all values are available like item, customer and mode of delivery and can vary per line.
This has been confirmed by Microsoft as ‘by design’ and this requirement would require a customer specific extension.

My questions to you is, have you ever had this requirement and perhaps know if there is an existing solution for this requirement? If not, perhaps created a customer specific extension? We could of course investigate what it would take to make this extension within D365 Retail and Commerce HQ, but I suspect such modification would also impact Retail server and Channel database correct?

If you need any additional information, please feel free to reach out! Your support is much appreciated!

Best regards,
Harold van Boxtel.
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for this input, the Ideas board is a place to request product ideas.  Please instead use the Dynamics 365 Commerce community boards if you have questions about product capabilities and want to engage with experts on ideas for solutions.    To asnswer your question, line level charges defined at a combination of both the delivery mode AND item are not supported by the product.  This capability is part of the supply chain module features of the solution and at this time there are no plans to enhance or change the capabilities of this area.