It would be great if there were an action to merge multiple topics into one topic. Because for example for us there were multiple topics created for the same issue but for different languages like a topic "Frage zur Rechnung" and a topic "question for invoice" which are the same thing but once in german and once in english, so one topic would be enough. Or when there are two topics that are very similar and you want to group these together a merge action would also come in handy.

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Thanks for the suggestion! A feature to allow merging topics together is under consideration, please vote to increase the priority.

For the specific scenario you describe where you end up with separate topics for similar cases in different languages - the upcoming release of support of multiple languages in the AI model will reduce this duplication and create a single topic for similar cases across languages.


CS Insights team



Hi Xiaoying Guo
Sadly for us it does not work with multiple languages, our CS Insights created topics: Fehler im Jobspooler (German), Erreur dans Jobspooler (French) and just jobspooler and also topics like Jobspooler error xyz

I would like to have all theese in the same topic, so I would need to be able to merge them.
I already tried to move some of the cases that are in the different topics all into one topic and hoped the AI would get it and then move the rest itself but sadly it did not.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Joshua! Customer Service Insights team have been working on the AI language model to support topic clustering with multiple languages other than English. With this support, same topic with similar cases in different language will be grouped together by the AI model automatically. Will that serve your needs in your first example?

We will also investigate and prioritize the scenario described in your second example. For other folks who want the same thing to be planned sooner, please don't hesitate to vote!

Category: Customer Service Insights (historical dashboards, semantic topics, AI suggestions)