When setting up and creating files which can be used to populate a company with data, it would be helpful if we could somehow make the Data Management Framework support a sub string replace mechanism. For example, we could mark certain columns/fields on Data Entities to tell the Framework a column/field should check for sub string replacements. The Framework could then run the value of the field against a sub string replace method that looked for certain predetermined fixed strings and replace them with the correct runtime value.

Example, if we needed to reuse the same data package across multiple companies, but we wanted to have the Company ID replaced in the data, we could put in #CompanyID# in the csv/spreadsheet, and the Data Management Framework would do the work. This assumes the column was selected for such an operation. 

Other suggested replacement terms could be CompanyLanguage and CompanyCurrency. A typical use of CompanyID as sub replacement string is when injecting number sequences and you want the company ID as part of the number sequence name, not to mention any other entities referring number sequence names. 

Data Mangement Framework support full value replacement today, but this idea is to support a sub string replacement function against a predetermined fixed set of "macro words". In theory it could be extended to support additional magic words by a ISV/VAR if necessary.

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Just to clarify; this is not a feature that should be run on ALL columns/fields, but only the fields selected specifically for this on the Data Entity itself. It is also important that the replacement is for a sub string, not the entire string value. So in the data file, on a row, you can find a column with for example the value "#CompanyID#_PO" for a Number Sequence ID, and for the company USMF, the actual value used when saving the data in staging (or target) would be "USMF_PO".

Category: Data Management