Currently, Start time and End time which was show up when we import and export data entities are the time of internal import/export process, not the time where customer are truly experience. In example, Customer start an import project and it's take about one hour, but follow Start time and End time, it's only take 10 minutes. This is confusing our customer. Improve this issue might support customer in 2 aspect: * Batch queuing planning - Knowing that a project takes an hour to run, means it can’t be scheduled every 45 minutes. However, the only way to know how long it takes for this batch planning means that it has to be physically timed. For lengthy data integration projects, this is not practical. * Auditing As already indicated, understanding how long a process is taking is key in performance management of integrations.

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Thank you for your feedback.

We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to the following reason:

We are currently working on data feeds as the new design for import/export. We will take your feedback into account in the new design and ensure the job execution times are calculated properly. 


Sunil Garg