Currently before posting we need to take the dump in an excel for General ledger main account or for Bank foreign currency revaluation, and a report extracted to excel during the Foreign currency revaluation process for vendor or customer, but this report gives the grouping of Currency and vendor/customer and not each for each open transaction specific. Also during simulation of Foreign currency revaluation process the report provides each open transaction specific but fails to provide the Voucher/Invoice number details. Suppose if user forgets to take the report dump or stores in a file location were the file gets deleted permanently, then this will be bigger concern during audit process.

After posting the Forex revaluation for Vendor, Customer, Bank or General ledger Main accounts, there is no way to trace back what transactions were considered or included to post the forex differences to Unrealized forex gain/loss or to the realized gain/loss account. This becomes a huge manual effort to identify the open invoice as on date and go to multiple reports or at sometime going to back end table to identify the REC ID's to join all these data to cross check the forex revaluation entries affected to Accounting currency and Reporting currency. At certain point it is even more complicated to trace if the open transactions are not settled and settled at later stages or if there are multiple partial payments to a Invoice etc. This will be a tedious process to reconcile.

So please provide a report where It shows data such as against which Invoice/Voucher number, what are all the Transactions that were settled against it as on date range, where it must show the opening balance, transactions within the date range and if there any future settlements exists. The report must include the columns such as Vendor/Customer/Bank/Main account ID Voucher/Invoice number, Date, Transaction currency, Accounting currency and Reporting currency, Exchange rate applied during the posting of Invoice and Exchange rate applied for Foreign currency revaluation process. and against these same information what are the settled transaction details with similar column structure data.