I encounter many customers who used the old One Voucher in general ledger journals. In many cases that made good sense eg. transferring money from one bank account to another. All or many of the explanation to One Voucher makes good sense, so instead of removing the feature then think of another way to support the functionality and still have the enhancement to the code.
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Thank you for your feedback.
This is a great suggestion and is currently our plan for the One voucher functionality. We understand how important these business scenarios are, so the new design will incorporate a lot of the current functionality.
This is a long term project where we will begin to address each scenario one at a time, such as bank transfers, vendor invoices with project line, etc.

Kristi Slininger, PM



I agree 100%. We use One Voucher regularly and do not like the suggested workaround to use an intermediate account as that adds a lot of unnecessary data to the system and complicates the audit trail. We're not experiencing any issues with the current functionality so please give us the option to opt out. Thank you.

Category: General Ledger