The Break Master in Transportation Management has a limitation of 14 breaks. This can cause customers to not use TMS as a customization can be expensive. It would be great to allow an unlimited number of breaks that can be set up in the Break Master.
Example, if you use the Piece engine, let's say using tons as the unit and you have a 40 ton truck. There could be up to 40 breaks needed, as the freight rate for per ton could be different and you could have anywhere from 1 ton to 40 tons of product on the truck. Or if you use pallets container as the unit when rating, you might have 50 pallets on a truck and need 50 breaks.
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Thank you for your feedback. We will release this feature as part of the TMS functionality in version 10.0.32.


Roger Sa

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Yes please I need that ASAP

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Great idea ! need this ASAP

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Totally agree - must have

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