We are not able to use any Text field with additional information in Sales order registered in Dynamics 365 HQ from Distributed Order Management orders which would be presented in Order fulfillment in POS.
This is essential as necessary text fields which are part of Sales Order are not presented at time of fulfillment.

Repro steps:
1. Register Sales order in AX HQ, enter eg. notes
2. Go to POS and open option Order fulfillment
3. There is no ay field with additional information registered in Sales order

We require additional comments at Sales Order Delivery from POS for the following:
1. Online Orders: we use DOM functionality to fulfill our online orders. These orders in our instance have Web Order Number which must accompany the sales order invoice and must be known to Shop Keeper for audit and consistency purpose.
2. Packaging and Other Requests: We provide additional facilities such as customized packaging and messages (Such as Special Event Greetings) on the order when delivering the orders. It is a major part of our business and is a must have feature for us.

Note: We would really appreciate if we can also have a printing facility for all these info code/ comments along with the printing receipt (Which is also not present at this point of time).
Needs Votes