When a production order has the production status Ended, it is possible to delete that production order.
Proposed solution: this should be allowed or restricted by a new production parameter.

When a production order is in status Created, you can delete that production order, which can be a necessary action in the process. But it is very strange that you can delete a production order that has been ended, even though there are references to it from e.g. the sales order line, inventory transaction etc.

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Thank you for your feedback.

This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.


Johan Hoffmann, Program Manager




Would it be enough to have a separate delete function for this, with own rights, so the deletion does not happen accidentally? For trace-ability and documentation, but also as basis of PowerBI information, ended production orders should only be deleted in the context of archiving / periodic clean up of historical transactions. For example you still may need to convert the Production BOM to a service BOM / Asset BOM (even if inventrans would still be visible).

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Question from Colby Gallagher (Yammer Sept 21 2020):
"Deleting ended production orders is standard clean up activity, there's even a periodic job for it. The financial impacts of an ended production order can't be changed, you have posted route transactions and inventory transactions for all things that happened. Why do you need to prevent deletion of the production order?"

FH: Posted transactions are only part of the story.
To have a clear traceability of the planned vs. as-built production BOM, routing planned vs. spent hours etc, it is important to keep the production order in the system.
I never had a customer who wanted to clean up their production orders.
Even if the Ended production order should be deleted, this clean-up is not part of the normal daily process.
There is a risk that a user who has the permission to delete production orders in status Created, erroneously deletes an Ended production order.

If we consider the similar case for Sales orders, it is possible to get a warning or a block when you touch or try delete an Invoiced sales order. (AR parameters > Updates > Safety level of invoiced orders),

A similar parameter for production orders would mitigate this risk.

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