When you open 'Positions' you will currently find inactive positions in the list as well. Positions that have retired before current date. As well as positions that are not activated until after current date. Since the positions form has an 'As-of-date' button this is not expected behavior. It should list only positions active as of current date when you open the form. And as of the date selected in as-of-date if you change the date in the dialogue. Like it is done elsewhere in the system, i.e. in the 'Employees' form.

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A customer has asked me to add this comment:
They will still like a form that lists all positions - but it should be called 'All positions'! and with no as-of-date - and then an easy filter option to toggle between All positions / Active positions / Inactive positions.
To avoid having to combine the data in Inactive positions and in (Active) positions.

Category: Organization management