At the moment there is no support for Finvoice standard. There is EU legislation concerning electronic invoices and it will come to effect also to private companies 1.4.2020. In Finland Finvoice 3.0 as a standard supports this new semantic model. At the moment MS does not offer Finvoice but it has to be customized from a scratch. This will become costly to us customers and especially when there are updates to legislation or Finvoice we always need to customized instead of getting the new version as a standard. This will also affect to the fact that we are more vulnarable with the evergreen model since we need a lot of customization for just invoicing purposes where as one would assume that there should not be big need to customize this type of standard functionality which is enforced by legislation. Best regards, Heidi Pesola

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback.

The idea has been implemented in 2020 Release Wave 2, included into Monthly Update 10.0.13 with the limitation of SHA1 checksum for attachments.


PM, Ilya Kondratenko