Hi Product Team,

You should allow displaying the name of the Employee (from other legal entities) without the hyperlink feature (clicking on it would redirect to the Employee Profile Detail page). The name should be greyed out like plain text.

This scenario was working in the older version (talent), now in the new version, this is not working.

End users (HR Manager role or HR Assistant role users) creates a new position, for that position the report manager (report to position) is from another legal entity. As accessing the employee profile/data of other legal entities is enable the end-users won't have access to view the employee data, the employee name is showing as blank

Older Version:
The Employee Name (from other legal entities) was appearing/visible even though the restricted data for other legal entities was enabled.

Note: legal entity restriction is enabled since the start of the project, and the employee name was appearing for the report to position section.
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