At the same time, tell your technicians that if a client opens a ticket for a trial version of Dynamic 365, that they do NOT have the full version and it functions very differently. Even just a basic tutorial is all that trial people need. I don't expect to be running massive campaigns. I just want to use the basics to see how the program functions and if it has the functionality of what I am looking for. So far, I've had the trial for two weeks and can't even create a template and don't even know how to send an email. I understand nothing good is free, but even having all of the Dynamics 365 features enabled, but limit the contacts to 100 or something like that. So the entire program can be tried in real time, but someone's not sending out 100,000 emails in 30 days. For the user to have no knowledge of how the program functions and the technicians trying to assist us with a program or functionality I don't even have has been a complete frustrating disaster. If I didn't love Microsoft so much, I would have quit 13 days ago. How can your staff not know this? I don't understand.