Invoices should be similar compared to sales invoices, meaning that Service Invoice could need "work description field"

On the service invoice its needed to show also serial numbers and description of serviced item. Also its necessary to have contract numbers on printed invoice so bookkeeping is able to link invoice with relevant accounts. Having "order" sent with the invoice doesn't work out.
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I also had this done as a customisation to add the "work description field" to Service Orders.

In many cases the clients require a Service Order to be approved prior to accepting the work to be done.

If there is a top requirement for the use of the "work description field".

Why is MS neglecting on the enhancements to be done on the Service Management Module?

It is one of the 2 top modules that fall into the Premium bracket, yet since 2004 had hardly any enhancements been made to this module except for the Item Variants that had been added on request from a Partner in Canada.

Where is the uniformity of functionality among the entire ERP solution?

Each time we get to the Service Management module is there standard BC functionality missing, which is available in normal trade functions, but not applicable or "a half baked solution" compared to other modules.

If Service Management is part of the Premium solution and the clients pay more for this solution, then please MS put your money where your mouth is. Please step up and show your care & compassion also in the Service Management Module.

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