Currently time zones don't consider the current daylight-saving offset active for a region.


For example, users in the Netherlands (Central European Time) use the time zone setting: (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna


Currently UTC+01:00 is not correct because during Summertime it should be UTC+02:00 and when in October Wintertime starts it will be UTC+01:00 again. So as a workaround, customers now need to change their time zones to correct this behavior, and temporarily use a time zone with UTC+02:00 during Summertime.


One of the scenarios where this has a negative effect is when users sign in, in this case their Work Date is automatically set with the date ‘today’. It also has its effect on external systems integrating with Business Central via User Authentication (=sign in).


Especially for companies that have work shifts that are making a switchover around 00:00 it happens that transactions are posted on the wrong day as a result (as a result of the applied offset 01:00 instead of 02:00).

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