Our business have been utilising the embedded Power BI in D365 functionality to create our own reports using Entity Store as the data source. It has worked well, but there have been a few struggles developing Power BI reports mainly stemming from the fact that the D365-embedded Power BI service is on an out of date version compared to Power BI Desktop and the PowerBI.com service. This raises the issue that the only way to develop Power BI reports is on Power BI Desktop, which is running the current version, but when you deploy it to D365, it is deployed to the embedded engine which is running an old version. This creates risk around development as you will only see incompatible elements once you deploy them to D365. The other issue that this creates resolves around the fact that D365-embedded Power BI uses Direct Query mode, which had major performance improvements in the way that it generated it's SQL queries in early 2018 on the premium Power BI service. This results in many elements returning a "Greater than 1 Million rows" error when deployed to D365, despite the data being sliced not being close to 1 Million rows, and not erroring when testing the report in Power BI Desktop. It would be great to have the D365-embedded Power BI service in line with Premium Power BI to make this great functionality perform better and make development simpler.

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Thank you for this feedback. We are planning the transition to new PowerBI service