With the D365 suite of products I see lots of useful applications, integration and reporting tools.
As a detail person, who likes to make sure that when data is integrated the source and destination systems have the same complete and accurate data, I would like to also see an overarching data integrity dashboard.
For example, in my 17 years of implementing large systems I have also never seen a complex warehouse integration that has dealt 100% with all the stock transactions completely and accurately. There is always some oddity around customer returns, supplier returns, cancellation of back orders, or pick failures that means the source and destination systems show different stock figures.  
A well written integration will have a method of being able to reconcile on a daily/weekly/monthly basis that the data matches in source system (system A) and destination systems (system B). Eg. in system A in May 2017 we have 10,000 stock adjustments of value £2.6m, in system B in May 2017 we imported 10,000 stock adjustments of value £2.6m). In the systems I have implemented the main areas of risk have been: sales, purchases, stock, and cash.
Being able to have an overarching view for your whole architecture:
- to see the status of the accurracy and completeness of the data,
- to see and drilldown on discrepancies and decide whether to remedy them,
will take the D365 suite up another level.
Without this we will go back to the 80's and 90's where everyone was complaining there is 2 versions of the truth depending on which system you are reporting on.
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