In our solutions we started using Connection References and Environment Variables.

We use them to be able to set the correct values during import of our solutions in internal and customer environments.

Because we also have partners and customers that import the solutions manually because we aren't allowed to enter their environments we also need to be able to set the values during the manual import of a PowerApps Solution.

For Connection References and DataType = Data Source this already works like a charm.

The idea we would like to register is that we need the ability to also enter the values for environment variables of Data Type =


Secret (Azure Key Vault)

during a manual solution import in PowerApps.

Current behavior is that this Data Types aren't shown during the import so its not possible to set them. Next to the improved user experience as a result of this change it also offers is the ability to deliver our solutions as managed because in a managed solution it isn't allowed to edit the environment variables after importing currently.

Note, when adding the possibility for Data Type Text and Secret it would be nice to also add the other types like Decimal Number, JSON and Yes/No.

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Most of the above topics are already supported now.Something that could be improved still:Our solutions are delivered as managed, its not possible to edit the environment variable values after import via the solution. For this you need to go to the default solution first and search and edit the environment variable from there.Would be nice to redirect the user to this setup when trying to edit the value from the managed solution.We didn't test but as stated in the original post it would be nice to also ask during import the values for environment variables in case its type Decimal Number, JSON and Yes/No if not already done.

Category: Dataverse