We've highlighted the inconveniences encountered when copying the environment:

  • All connections will require manual reconnection.
  • All the flows (our customer has more than 200 flows) need manual activation in this scenario. Additionally, certain flows will require opening and editing to establish connections.
  • Activating the flows and connections results in the addition of an unmanaged layer.

By design:


  • Flows - In the target environment, existing solution flows will be deleted but existing non-solution flows will remain. Review the flows in the target environment to ensure that triggers and actions are pointing at the correct locations. Solution flows will be disabled so enable flows as needed.
  • Connection References - Connection References will require new connections. Create and set connections on Connection References.
  • Custom Connectors - Custom connectors should be reviewed and, if needed, deleted and reinstalled.

Document: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform/admin/copy-environment#review-components