SmartLists are a great way to pull live data from the system and I have many customers taking advantage of SmartLists.

It would nice if users could subscribe to SmartList Favorites, and have the SmartList Favorite emailed to them in Excel automatically from GP.
For example, our accountant would like to see all the transactions for previous day the following morning. We have a SmartList Favorite built for this but we still have to go into GP, then to SmartList and do what we need, it would be nice to just have this in our email when we get to work in the morning.

Salesforce is a good example of what I am looking for, you can subscribe to reports and have them emailed to you daily/weekly/monthly or when a new record appears on the report.

Being able to subscribe to SmartList would be an awesome feature. You could even expand this feature to GP Reports and Inquiries.
Needs Votes