We have configured our pending AP vendor invoices to be posted via workflow using the Post vendor invoice using a batch step. 


This is working as expected however there are two things that would greatly improve this functionality:


1. I need to be able to see a list of invoices that are PENDING post in batch. When invoices go through approvals and reach the step "Post vendor invoice using a batch", they remain In Review (just as other invoices). This makes it impossible to see which invoices are waiting to post vs which invoices are still going through approvals without opening each individual workflow. We are posting hundreds of invoices a day, so this is not practical. I need to know how many invoices I have that are pending post in batch at any given time. 

2. When a pending vendor invoice reaches the "post vendor invoice using a batch" workflow step, it remains In Review status rather than Approved status. Thus, on the Pending Vendor Invoice Form, the Post option is not available. We have some invoices that are high priority and must be posted immediately so a payment can be generated to meet deadlines. An example is health insurance premiums that must be paid daily by a specific time in order to avoid steep penalties.  As the pending invoice remains in review, the Post option is not available and we must wait for the invoice to be posted via batch leading to some close calls on meeting our deadlines. Changing the status from In Review to Approved and allowing to Post the Pending invoice (when not feasible to wait for the batch) would be a great enhancement to this process.

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