Annotations are very useful for Remote Assist and it allows to collaborate with many users/customers outside the organization but it has huge limitation that many customers are not able to take advantage of it.

Annotations are only supported for users who join through a downloaded version of Teams and users must be fully authenticated (i.e. they must have Teams License) using a desktop PC. All other cases are not supported. This has test has been carried out and verified with Microsoft.

The majority of customers who join Remote Assist are not supported with Annotations because they either do not have Teams license and/or using a different platform(including web version).

This idea is to expand the Annotations for all users joining Remote Assist regardless of the platform used (i.e. Teams web, MAC, iPad, iPhone, Android, PC etc..) and remove the restriction for fully authenticated users. Only this will allow make the Annotations a powerful and integral tool for Remote Assist.
Category: HoloLens